It is very important for businesses to have a local search engine presence.

Optimizing your local search listings helps bring new customers right to your business.

The Local Learning Center will teach you:

  1. What local search is
  2. Whether local search is the best marketing option for your unique business
  3. How to implement local search best practices to drive the maximum number of customers your way


Explore the Local Learning Center at your own pace by visiting each of the following sections.

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What you learn will empower you to make the right decisions in your online marketing and achieve the highest possible online visibility—turning the web into an incredible customer acquisition tool for your business.


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What is local SEO? (aka Search Engine Optimisation)

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Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business.


Local SEO uses search engines like Google and business directories like Yelp, Superpages, Qype & TouchLocal. Millions of local customers use these services every day to find the best local businesses in their area (click to see Comparison of Online Local Directory Audience Figures).


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First Things First

Before you go ahead and start chasing links, there’s a lot of up-front work needed on your website to ensure that you’re able to get the best possible results, especially if you want to rank within the local pack listings.


To begin with, you’ll want to capture any low-hanging fruit by getting in touch with your existing customer base and see if they’d be interested in leaving you a review. You could incentivize them for their time (maybe a discount, etc.).


Another great tip that I picked up from Greg Gifford‘s recent talk at BrightonSEO was to create a page on your website that gives instructions to your customers on exactly how they can review your business (i.e.


You won’t believe how effective this is when it comes to getting in touch with customers, especially the non-technical ones!


On-page SEO for local businesses conforms to some pretty old school SEO tactics. There’s quite a large weighting towards the on-page content in the local search listings, so it’s important that, where possible, you squeeze the most value out of your content.




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Fixing the problem is hard

Once you fix an incorrect listing, it’s not uncommon for it to pop right back up again later because there is no one single authority for business data; that means if you correct a Yahoo listing.

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For example, Yahoo may see that listing still exists on Yelp and re-create it automatically. It’s like whack-a-mole.

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